The Preeva Foundation

What if every South African student had an equal chance?

The Problem

Only 10% of students who start school advance to higher learning.

Our Vision

Every student has an equal chance in education.

Our Mission

90% of school students move to higher learning.

What we do

Boost under-resourced students with a drive to succeed.

Develop a dream and a path that suits ability and desire.

Weekly tutoring with a dedicated mentor to reach the dream.

Donor/sponsor follows every lesson via the Preeva App.

*We partner with schools & universities who provide support as well as safe learning spaces for tutoring lessons.

Luxolo’s story

Luxolo Copiso grew up in Khayamandi, a township in Stellenbosch, where getting through school can be a huge challenge for students. In 2017, he became the first person in his family to pass matric. He was also accepted into UCT to study psychology which was his dream the entire way through school. The Preeva Foundation will continue to support and motivate Luxolo and hundreds of other students through their challenges at school and university. Individual attention can be the difference.

Listen to Luxolo’s interview on CapeTalk here (skip to minute 8:24).

How can you get involved?

Join our movement to give South African students an equal chance.

Sponsor 1 or more students through our program.

Learn about our program and how it changes lives.

Join the Preeva family and tutor for change.


Who we are

The Preeva Foundation is managed by a small, smiling team of passionate changemakers. Their vision is one of a future where all South African students have equal access to all forms of education.

The Preeva Foundation is run by the hard work and inspirational teaching of the tutors on the ground.

Fergus & Max (top left) are the founders who look after the Preeva Foundation family. Kareem (top right) is the operations manager who ensures the organisation runs smoothly. Qhama (bottom left) is the face of the foundation, spreading our message of love. Carolyn (bottom right) is the goddess of the foundation who manages every process.


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