Who we are

Empowering South Africa’s youth via free, high quality education.


As support for The Preeva Foundation grows, we offer more and more non-fee paying students the opportunity to receive extra help for free. The extra help is in the form of tutoring and exam preparation workshops. Tutors help students to understand their work better, enjoy their learning more and use education as their ‘weapon’ to break their cycle of poverty.

The Preeva ecosystem encourages students who once received tutoring to become tutors themselves and continue the cycle. An educated and empowered youth is the most powerful force for good in our society and this is what we focus on building.


The Preeva Foundation is managed by a small, smiling team of passionate changemakers. Their vision is one of a future where all South African students have equal access to all forms of education.

The Preeva Foundation is run by the hard work and inspirational teaching of the tutors on the ground.

Max (top left) is the founder who looks after the entire Preeva Foundation family. Kareem (top right) is the operations manager who ensures the organisation runs smoothly. Qhama (bottom left) is the face of the foundation, spreading our message of love. Carolyn (bottom right) is the goddess of the foundation’s administration.

The Preeva Foundation so far...


Students tutored


Hours of tutoring


School partnerships

Institutional Partnerships

  • Cloetesville High School

  • Stellenbosch University

  • Wits University

  • Khayamandi High School

  • University of Cape Town

  • Thandokulu High School

Some of the students who would love your support


Grade: 12

Future: Accounting at Wits


Grade: 12

Future: Dentist


Grade: 12

Future: Law at UCT


Grade: 12

Future: Law at Cambridge


Grade: 12

Future: Lawyer

Sinoluvo Mrinjelwa

Grade: 12

Future: Medicine at Wits

Asemahle Tembeni

Grade: 12

Future: Doctor


Grade: 12

Future: Oncologist

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